Primary Care Performance Measurement

The Challenge

Providers of primary care need relevant and reliable information to help them understand, monitor, improve the quality of care they provide. The aim of this project is to create a set of performance measures that can then be tested for their usefulness for improving care in BC.

Our Approach

The scoping phase of this project consisted of an invitational workshop that aimed to develop a performance measurement framework with population groups and dimensions of measurement specific to primary care.

The participants in the workshop considered questions related to the most appropriate population groups for the framework, and the performance domains that would be most useful to assess the quality of care. The next phase of this project will select appropriate indicators, measures and data sources. Future work will test the usefulness of these measures to clinicians, managers and decision-makers. The assumption is not that the current quality of primary care is poor, but that there is always room for improvement, and this project will contribute to creating a learning system for primary care in BC.

Read the report from the workshop here.