BC Anesthesiologists Project

A Dialogue with Anesthesiologists

Our Challenge

Anesthesiologists in BC recognize the increasing challenges facing their practice – from recruitment and retention to communication and collaboration.  IHSTS is working with BC anesthesiologists to identify and overcome these challenges and to increase collaborative relationships with the BC Medical Association, health authorities, the Ministry of Health and other health care partners.

Our Approach

In late 2013, IHSTS convened a dialogue on anesthesiology practice.  The purpose of the dialogue was to enable anesthesiologists to articulate their preferred future through a generative and collaborative process.  It provided a forum for participants to think deeply about issues in an environment of respectful conversation that encourages individuals to share their ideas.

Participants from all of BC’s health authorities attended the forum, where they identified issues and opportunities associated with their practice, and proposed a variety of pilot projects – from anesthesia care teams, to exchange locums, to funding a surgical admissions efficiency model.

The “Report on Dialogue with Anesthesiologists” is a summary of the ideas and insights that were articulated during the dialogue.  The report may be used as a first step for exploring and implementing some of the ideas that emerged.

Our Partners

IHSTS partnered with anesthesiologists in BC to convene this dialogue.