Recent Projects

In addition to projects that IHSTS initiates and funds itself, our organization also serves a stewardship role – as requested by the BC Ministry of Health (MoH) – for selected emerging initiatives. IHSTS provides the necessary support and oversight for MoH-funded projects as they develop. Over time, these projects may move towards a preferred future governance.


NeuroDevNet is the first trans-Canada initiative dedicated to improving diagnosis, prevention and treatment of children’s neurodevelopmental disabilities. Researchers seek to understand the causes of brain-based disabilities, to train the next generation of leaders in developmental neurosciences, and to mobilize these findings into practice and policy.

IHSTS initially provided financial, operational and governance supports and oversight to NeuroDevNet. NeuroDevNet now has an independent governance structure but continues to receive funding through IHSTS and is subject to its financial oversight.

Youth Health: Understanding Collaboration in Providing Services for Youth


Research from the United States shows that offering health and wellness services in a school setting makes youth more likely to seek out services, leading to healthier students and improved educational outcomes. The concept of school based health centres is very new in Canada and there is little information on implementation or impact of these centres in BC or Canada.

Since September 2015, 19 service providers have collaborated to provide a range of health services for children and youth attending John Barsby Community School in Nanaimo, BC.

The John Barsby Wellness Centre team consists of Public Health Nurses, physicians, administrative and social work staff who work with youth to deliver a wide range of on-site low-barrier and integrated wellness services. These include mental health and substance use services as well as education about nutrition, sexual health and community programs. Services are available to all John Barsby Community School students.

Members of this initiative have enlisted IHSTS to help them understand and learn from their work to date in developing and operating the wellness centre as a community-based collaborative. Read more about the project here.

Investing in Effective Home Care

In collaboration with leaders from Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), IHSTS is undertaking an evaluation of the clinical and cost effectiveness of delivery of the ‘Home First’ program. The project began in 2014, and is led by William Hall, Craig Mitton and Stirling Bryan from the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation at the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and the University of British Columbia. Read more about the project here.


BC Academic Health Science Network

The purpose of the BC Academic Health Science Network (BC AHSN) is to accelerate the translation of research insights into innovations that address patient needs and health system priorities to improve population health outcomes. BC AHSN is also home to the developing BC SUPPORT Unit, a SPOR initiative to support, streamline and increase patient-oriented research throughout BC.

IHSTS provided financial, operational and governance supports and oversight to BC AHSN during its initial planning phase. BC AHSN now operates as a separate legal entity with its own permanent governance structure.

Emergency Medicine Network

The mandate of the developing Emergency Medicine Network (EMN) is to bridge the gaps between rural and urban care, clinicians, researchers, health policy experts, health authorities, government, academia and patients. Its goal is to improve care and clinical outcomes by using a system-wide coordinated approach to emergency care, research and education.

EMN initially received financial, operational and governance supports and oversight through IHSTS. This initiative has since been transferred under the stewardship of the BC Academic Health Science Network where it continues its development.