Mr. George AbbottEveryday thousands of health professionals deliver human centered, high quality care to thousands of residents throughout British Columbia. The “system” works very well for most people, most of the time. It’s not however, a perfect system and requires continuous improvement in both its smaller parts and its bigger system components. The Institute for Health System Transformation and Sustainability helps to lead and contribute to improvement in three focused areas: Palliative Care, Home Care and Type 2 Diabetes prevention and care.

We have chosen to work in these areas because of their importance to citizens and the high potential for improvement. They are areas of the BC system that need extra support in advancing best practices that are efficiently and effectively integrated throughout the system. This report provides insights into the opportunities we are pursuing in each of these three areas.

We work only in collaboration. We believe that accelerating transformational and sustainable changes can best be achieved by leveraging the breadth and depth of expertise that exists in patients, families, communities, care professionals, policy makers and researchers. This approach helps to ensure a person-centered perspective and facilitates incorporating insights about the primary goals of health and quality of life at both a population and an individual level.

The entire Board of the IHSTS is proud and excited about the transformational work underway and being pursued.

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