IPTN Webinar Recordings

Dr. Ethan Weiss – Low Carb High Fat (Ketogenic) Nutrition for Weight Loss and Metabolic Health – A Cardiology Perspective

Amy Berger – Hyperinsulinemia: Major Driver of Chronic Illness Hiding in Plain Sight

Dr. Vera Tarman – Food Cravings: The War of the Hunger Hormones or the Saboteur of Successful Weight Loss

Dr. Campbell Murdoch – Introduction to Metabolic Health

Dr. Supriya Joshi – The High Risk Patient with Fatty Liver Disease: Practical Tools to Help Your Patients

Dr. Nathalie Gamache – Women’s Health: Weighing in on Menopause, Hormonal Changes and Wellness

Dr. Shakha Gillin & Karen Thomson – Sugar Free Revolution for Families and Children

Dr. Dax Biondi – Incorporating Therapeutic Nutrition into Your Practice

Dr. Michelle Klassen – Behaviour Factors Affecting Weight Loss

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella – Implementing a Low Carb Approach in Hospital

Dr. Shawna Lamond – Breastfeeding and Insulin Resistance

Dr. Barbra Allen Bradshaw & Dr. Carol Loffelmann – Food as Medicine

Dr. Gerard MacDonald – The Microbiome: We are Not Alone – it’s Role in Health and Disease

Prof. Jim Johnson – Excess Insulin as a Driver of Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Disease

Dr. Eric Westman – Using Personalized Nutrition to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Andrew Mente – Carbohydrates, Fat Consumption and CVD: A More Complete Picture

Dr. Robert Cywes – Diabetes Understood – Diabetes Resolved

Lily Nichols – Therapeutic Nutrition for Gestational Diabetes

Franziska Spritzler – Carb Restriction for Diabetes and Obesity – a Dietitians Journey

Dr. Stephen Cunnane – Emerging Role of Ketones in Healthy Brain Aging

Dr. Catherine Crofts – Understanding and Diagnosing Hyperinsulinemia

Dr. Jeff Stanley – Deprescribing 101 for LCHF and Ketogenic Diets

Adam Brown – Low Carb and Ketogenic Diets in Type 1 Diabetes

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IHSTS Resources

Environmental Scan:  Looks at research and programs focused on prevention, management and reversal of Type 2 Diabetes.

Asset List:  Identifies Type 2 Diabetes resources, programs, policy and key research organizations available in BC, Canada and Internationally.

Dialogue Session: Brought together 75 experts and thought leaders representing Public Health, Research, Academics, Clinical Management and Patients in a . The day resulted in building connections and further networking between the sectors represented; sharing and discussion of new approaches to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes; and generation of ideas on how to move forward in addressing the issue.