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gears iconShifting gears

When it comes to community health promotion, planning on paper can only take you so far. The real test is when you start implementing. Will your interventions gain traction, or will they fall flat? And how can you effectively learn and adapt your program as you go so you don’t waste precious time and resources on activities that don’t prove effective? Read more.

working together iconYouth health program puts collaboration in the spotlight

Thanks to a new program at John Barsby Community School in Nanaimo, students can access a range of health and wellness services without stepping off the school property. IHSTS has launched a new scoping project focused on illuminating the key components of collaboration for this community-based initiative. Read more.

BC iconHospice palliative care support for Squamish, Powell River and Sunshine Coast

The Province has provided over $1 million for improved access to hospice palliative care in Squamish, Powell River and the Sunshine Coast, including the first-ever hospice beds in the Sea to Sky region. Read more.

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